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Shows we've Done for Rural Heritage Hour on RFDtv!
"Shires in Training"
"Fire Horses"
"Sleighs & Sleighbells"
"Shoeing for Traction"

"Working Draft" articles in Farming (Moose River Media)

Favorite Paths

When I'm not with the Horses
Maine Fire Instructors & Rescue Educators
Frandford Mutual Aid Fire Training Assoc
Maine Fire Training & Education

Misc Horsey Things
Meet out Customers
On Beating Dead Horses
How Specs Live Forever

Vicki's Writings & Photography
Writings may be copied used for educational purposes without permission.
Credit and a note to let me know is appreciated.

Arriving Soon?
Crossing Connections: Part I
Crossing Connections: Part II
The Care and Feeding of your Farrier
Horse Shoe Savvy
Brew's Team Debut
Pittston Bound
The Difference With Drafts
"Drafting" in Maine
History 101: Drafts in the USA
Going once, going twice. . .
Defensible Space

Friends & Good Folks
Equine Inspired Art
Tall Pines Farm
All Around Fence Company
Varvara Harmon - Artist & Illustrator

Worth a "Look-See"
Large Animal Emergency Rescue in Maine
Dressage 4Kids
Horses in the Fire Service

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